2016 Domestic Coking Coal Report

New! 2016 Domestic Coking Coal Supply & Demand Report

An in-depth look at domestic coking coal flows from mine to coke plant

Doyle Trading Consultants DTC is thrilled to announce the release of the 2016 Domestic Coking Coal Supply & Demand report.

The first of its kind, the report provides the most granular view into the previously opaque U.S. domestic coking coal industry from both the supply and demand side of the markets. With coking coal markets white hot, the report provides critical insight into the quality and quantity of coal sold from each mine to each of the 13 domestic coke producing batteries as well as the quantity and quality of coal consumed at the four domestic foundry coke batteries.

In addition to the analysis of the industry’s supply chain, the report includes:

  • Proprietary to DTC! Quantity and quality of coal sold from each U.S. coking coal mine to each of the 13 domestic coke producing batteries
  • Estimated 2016 coal consumption from AK Steel, ArcelorMittal, DTE Energy, SunCoke Energy and US Steel’s domestic coke batteries
  • Quantity and quality of coking coal consumed by the four domestic foundry coke batteries controlled by ABC Coke, Erie Coke, Tonawanda Coke and Walter Coke
  • Historical consumption comparisons to when the industry was in a healthier state
  • An overview of the domestic coking coal market including supply trends, quality background, the impact of bankruptcies on supply, demand trends, and demand by quality
  • An analysis of each supplying coal mine, including mine status, mine type, mining method, owner financial status, mine location, mine quality (i.e. low-vol, mid-vol, high-vol A, high-vol B), mine transportation options, mine production, mine productivity, and the mine’s estimated supply quantity to each mill
  • An overview of each producing coke battery, including battery location, battery production, battery consumption, batter transportation options, battery coal type mixture (i.e. low-vol, mid-vol, high-vol A, high-vol B)
  • An analysis of coal mine production versus expected shipments to the domestic market resulting in supply shortages and surpluses
  • Includes supplying mine data in Excel format
  • And more…

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