DTC’s Coal Services

DTC produces cutting-edge, timely research on market-moving coal topics

DTC provides highly regarded and timely analysis on supply & demand fundamentals of the US and global coal markets. Our stellar reputation is founded on our deep understanding and passion of the coal industry and unmatched insight on pertinent market developments.

We provide our clients with the market moving trade data, prices, company news/analysis and expert opinion to help guide them with their decision making. The timeliness of this information provides invaluable insight into events as they happen so our clients are always first to react.

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Hans Daniels - CEO

DTC's reputation for leading the pack with insightful market analysis has been earned by serving our clients with timely information they need to know, often before they know they need it. Our dedication to commitment to serving clients is second to none.

DTC’s Principal Coal Subscription Service

  DTC Coal “Week Ahead” Flash
Identifies key drivers and important data releases for the forthcoming week
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  DTC Coal “Daily” Flash
Highly regarded coal market recap (including US and Seaborne / Global closing prices) nat gas prices, coal vs nat gas generation model
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  DTC Coal “Intra-Day” Flash
Our analytical views and interpretation of unexpected, new market developments throughout the day
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  DTC Coal “Intra-Monthly” Flash
Steel production, generation, import / export/ utilities inventories
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  Insight and Analysis on Seabourne Coal Market Trade Flows
Trade figures and analysis, as soon as they are available
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  DTC Coal “Monthly Update” Report
Comprehensive report containing the latest analysis on global supply/demand drivers,including updated price and U.S. supply/demand forecasts
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  DTC Coal “Earnings” Flash
Key takeaways and DTC’s insight from coal company quarterly results
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  DTC Coal “MSHA” Flash
Detailed U.S. coal company production analysis before quarterly results are released
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Quarterly Coal Outlook and Price Forecast

DTC’s Quarterly Coal Outlook and Price Forecast service provides unique insights into US and international coal markets. Using granular data analysis and stochastic models, this service provides a five-year forecast for US and international thermal and coking coal prices, US coal supply and demand, imports and exports and international steel production. Deep analysis of the markets, including basin-level US export and stockpile data, helps you identify past and upcoming trends for the US and global coal markets.

Subscription includes:

  Quaterly Coal Outlook and Price Forecast Report
  Q4 reports include 20-year supply, demand and price forecast for thermal coal
  Monthly reports on latest basin-level export, inventory and fuel switching analysis delivered via email and available online
  Online access to monthly inventory, exports, fuel switching and forecasted supply, demand and price data

In addition to the comprehensive DTC Coal Services above, we also offer premium subscription packages that provides direct access to our expert analysts.
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