Sample Data & Analysis

DTC provides its clients with reliable and timely data sets with expert insight on top that adds real value and context to what is happening in the coal markets. Our deep understanding and experience in the coal industry helps to inform you what is happening in the future and the impact it will have on your company.

We know the industry inside out from mine to market and understand the importance of being able to react first to developments and we endeavour to provide our clients with the analysis ahead of anyone else through a range of easy to digest reports, whether you are an expert or a newcomer.

Below are some examples of DTC’s reporting. All of these reports are included in the DTC’s Principal Coal subscription package.

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DTC Coal “Week Ahead” Flash

Catalysts We are Watching

Each Monday we provide you with a concise preview of the key events taking place in the coming week that will have the biggest impact on the coal markets. We outline the major data releases and events that you need to know about complete with our expert opinion to make sure you are prepared for the week ahead.

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DTC Coal “Daily” Flash

Daily Wrap Up

DTC's Daily Flash reports on the key developments affecting the market with global/domestic coal & natgas price data for that day. It also provides a regional update on coal vs. natgas economics.

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DTC Coal “Intra-Day” Flash

DTC Flash©: Murray Energy Acquires Goldman’s Colombian Assets

The Intra Day Flash provides you with the major breaking news and opinion on how this impacts the industry before any other source. You will be first to not only know what has happened but also receive informed opinion of the affects this news will have. We identify the market moving catalysts and announcements that the market is waiting for with regulation and company news.

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DTC Coal “Intra-Monthly” Flash

June Global Steel Production Analysis

DTC provides a rapid analysis and turnaround service of Intra-Monthly Data Releases (Coal Exports/Imports, Steel Production, Generation, Utility Inventories) helping you to understand the trends by region through monthly high's and low's.

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DTC Flash©: October East Coast and Gulf Coast Exports

October East Coast U.S. Exports

A comprehensive ‘first look’ at exports from Hampton Roads and Baltimore with data, charts and expert insight to help you understand the implications of the trends seen over a period of time.

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DTC Coal “Monthly Update” Report

Monthly Summary of Critical Market Data and Trends

Each month DTC publishes a comprehensive update of Coal and Emissions through this 150+ page report that our clients use as an important reference tool. It aims to look in depth at all the major questions you may have from every angle giving you the most complete set of answers available.

It provides you with crucial supply and demand forecasts, production and reserves by region, a recap of all of the domestic and international coal prices as well as covering the emissions markets and coal and utility equity.

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DTC Coal “Earnings” Flash

DTC Flash©: Arch Coal Q3 2017 Earnings Analysis and Call Comments

Key takeaways and DTC’s insight from coal company quarterly results.

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DTC Coal “MSHA” Flash

MSHA Q3 2017 Production Review

Detailed U.S. coal company production analysis before quarterly results are released

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