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DTC Coal “Daily” Flash

Daily Wrap Up

DTC's Daily Flash reports on the key developments affecting the market with global/domestic coal & natgas price data for that day. It also provides a regional update on coal vs. natgas economics.

DTC Daily Flash©: Wrap Up – 24 AUG 2015

OTC Market/US Coal Market


  • PRB:  A slow day in the OTC market with PRB 8800 mixed; September unchanged at $10.15; Q4 2015 up $0.02 to $10.52; Q1 2016 unchanged at $10.85; 2016 down $0.05 to $10.93; 2017 down $0.05 to $11.95; and 2018 down $0.05 to $12.20.
    o    CLD Inks WY Land Deal:  In a late day release, Cloud Peak Energy (CLD) announced it had closed on a deal to acquire land adjacent to the Cordero Rojo mine, adding approx. 95 mm tons of additional coal to the mine’s life.  The agreement primarily involves a land exchange and production payments from any future sales of the underlying coal, including certain recoupable advance production payments.  Cordero Rojo produced 10.43 mm tons through Q2 2015 and 34.81 mm tons total in 2014.  Currently CLD has contracts with ~19 coal fired plants for Cordero Rojo coals.
  • Capp:  A slow day in the OTC market with Capp river mostly down and Capp rail mixed:
    o    Capp River 12,000:  September down $0.05 to $43.00; Q4 2015 unchanged at $42.95; Q1 2016 down $0.05 to $43.80; 2016 down $0.05 to $45.08; 2017 down $0.05 to $48.19; and 2018 down $0.05 to $51.30.
    o    Capp Rail 12,500:  September down $0.55 to $44.00; Q4 2015 up $0.10 to $44.90; Q1 2016 down $0.05 to $46.20; 2016 down $0.09 to $47.36; 2017 down $0.10 to $50.59; and 2018 down $0.10 to $53.65.
  • Napp/ILB/CO/UT:  According to Dan Vaughn of Coaldesk, LLC, Napp 13,000 4.5# SO2 rail September was down $0.25 to $39.50, Q4 2015 was down $0.25 to $39.50.

This report also covers the following:

  • Natural gas Prices (Henry Hub)
  • Highlights from the Coal & Energy Price Report (CEPR) and Inside Coal
  • Global Steam Coal
  • Coking Coal
  • Coal Equity
  • Capp Netback Prices
  • Coal vs Natgas

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