DTC Flash©: October East Coast and Gulf Coast Exports

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DTC Flash©: October East Coast and Gulf Coast Exports

October East Coast U.S. Exports

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A comprehensive ‘first look’ at exports from Hampton Roads and Baltimore with data, charts and expert insight to help you understand the implications of the trends seen over a period of time.

DTC Analysis of East Coast & Gulf Coast Export Data from T. Parker Host

DTC Short & Sweet: T Parker Host is reporting that for October, steam exports have outpaced met exports for the first time in 2017. Steam exports were 3.81 mm tons, up 22.26% seq pd and 190.59% YoY while met exports of 3.42 mm tons fell 17.11% seq pd but rose 25.92% YoY leading to total exports through the Gulf and East Coast of 7.23 mm tons, down 0.16% seq pd but up 79.56% YoY. When looking at 2017 trends, steam exports started gaining ground in June and have been closing on met each month until finally overtaking it this month. Seaborne thermal prices continue to support US exports despite recent declines: prompt quarter API 2 averaged $87.73/MT in October and sits at $85.60/MT as of today. Also noteworthy this month, we read on Liga.net that Xcoal’s price for thermal exports to PJSC Centrenergo in Ukraine is ~$100.7/MT (CIF). Xcoal has a contract to ship 700K MT (772K tons) before the end of 2017, having shipped 60K MT (66K tons) in Sept and 227K MT (250K tons) in Oct. YTD exports total 63.05 mm tons, up 62.79% YoY and are annualizing to 75.70 mm tons, well above last year’s total of 49.27 mm tons. We are aware of a few holiday closures for the Port of Hampton Roads this week: Pier IX will close Wed at 11 PM ET and reopen Fri at 6 AM ET. Lamberts Point will close Thurs at 7 AM ET and reopen Fri at 7 AM ET (possibility of closure on Friday as well). DTA will remain operational through the holiday.

  • Baltimore:  2.34 mm tons, up 5.03% seq pd and 54.44% YoY. Through October, exports total 16.89 mm tons, up 46.20% YoY and annualize to 20.28 mm tons (vs 14.53 mm tons in 2016). CSX’s Chesapeake Terminal: 525K tons, down 12.60% seq pd but up 0.61% YoY. October shippers were Arch, Corsa, Javelin, United, Wilson Creek and Xcoal. YTD exports total 4.86 mm tons, down 9.70% YoY and annualizing to 5.83 mm tons (vs 6.73 mm tons in 2016). CNX Terminal: 1.81 mm tons, up 19.01% seq pd and 82.73% YoY. October shippers were CONSOL, Javelin and Xcoal. YTD exports total 11.87 mm tons, up 92.07% YoY and annualize to 14.25 mm tons (vs 7.80 mm tons in 2016).
  • Hampton Roads:  3.06 mm tons, down 3.45% seq pd but up 84.36% YoY. Through October, exports total 28.45 mm tons, up 63.59% YoY and annualize to 34.16 mm tons (vs 21.98 mm tons in 2016). DTA Terminal (jointly owned by Arch and Contura): 1.25 mm tons, up 6.12% seq pd and 157.79% YoY. October shippers were Arch, Commonwealth, Contura, EDF, Javelin and Xcoal. YTD exports total 10.15 mm tons, up 66.09% YoY and annualize to 12.19 mm tons (vs 7.52 mm tons in 2016). Norfolk Southern’s Lamberts Point: 1.30 mm tons, up 6.70% seq pd and 84.97% YoY. October shippers were Contura, EDF, Integrity, Javelin, Robindale, United and Xcoal. YTD exports total 12.28 mm tons, up 56.91% YoY and annualize to 14.74 mm tons (vs 9.41 mm tons in 2016). Kinder Morgan’s Pier IX: 513K tons, down 33.86% seq pd but up 8.33% YoY. October shippers were EDF, Integrity, Robindale, Vitol, Xcoal. YTD exports total 6.02 mm tons, up 74.32% YoY and annualize to 7.23 mm tons (vs 5.05 mm tons in 2016).

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