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DTC Coal “MSHA” Flash

MSHA Q2 2015 Production Review

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Detailed U.S. coal company production analysis before quarterly results are released

DTC Flash©: MSHA Q2 2015 Production Review

Q2 2015 MSHA Production: Every quarter, coal companies are required to report production from their mines to MSHA (Mine Safety & Health Administration) and having this data can give market participants an edge, especially before the companies report quarterly earnings results.  If you’re new to our MSHA data flash emails, please see our comprehensive commentary at the bottom of this flash that explains what it is and, more importantly, how to interpret it so it may benefit you.

Nearly all of the coal producers we track each quarter are fully reported for Q2 (we are waiting for BTU’s Kayenta mine and a handful of WLB operations).  This serves as our last comprehensive MSHA update for the quarter. 


ARLP: 100% of ARLP mines have reported.

Will report earnings on July 28th

DTC Comments: 9.92 mm tons, down 4.82% seq but up 1.56% YoY.

• Capp: 440K tons, up 35.10% seq but down 3.74% YoY

• Napp:  2.26 mm tons, up 8.07% seq and 17.33% YoY.

Tunnel Ridge:  1.74 mm tons, up from 1.54 mm tons seq and 1.44 mm tons YoY.  Had a longwall move in Q2.

Mountain View:  526K tons, down from 553K tons seq but up from 492K tons YoY.  Longwall move in Q2 with another expected in Q4.

• ILB: 7.22 mm tons, down 9.81% seq and 2.23% YoY

Gibson: 544K tons, down from 631K tons seq and 894K tons YoY.

Gibson South: 694K tons, up from 652K tons seq and 110K tons YoY. Q2 ’14 was when production commenced.


This DTC report also covers production from: Alpha Natural Resources, Arch Coal Inc, Cloud Peak Energy, Cliffs Natural Resources Inc, CONSOL Energy Inc, Peabody Coal Company, Patriot Coal Company, Foresight Energy, Hallador Energy, Murray Energy, Rhino Resource Partners, Global Mining Group, Westmoreland Coal Company.

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