Fri, October 13, 2017 10:49 am

DTC is pleased to release our first Country Profile. This new feature is part of our Principal service which will feature a new country each quarter. Our report provides a very granular look at several key economic and energy metrics. The data in the Country Profile will help our clients better understand major developments in several of China’s key industries and provide for a clearer outlook on where the country is headed.

With the upcoming Communist Party Meeting in China, it is important to understand where China policy is and where it is going as shifting policy has been a major driver in the energy and economic space. China’s GDP is growing at a phenomenal pace but at the expense of rapidly rising debt levels. This situation combined with a heavily state-controlled financial sector and regulatory inefficiencies (greatly influenced by the Communist Party’s directives) provides long-term risk for Chinese entities. However, in the near term, growth is still the highlight of China’s story.

The Country Profile explores topics including:
• A historical overview of China’s coal and steel industries;
• Economic indicators and factors fueling the country’s ever-growing economy;
• Pending political changes and President Xi Jinping’s aggressive growth targets;
• An in-depth analysis of debt-fueled growth polices;
• Supply, production, and prices and the outlook for the thermal and coking coal markets;
• Renewable energy growth which is becoming an increasingly important topic in the country.

If you are not signed up for our Principal service, you can purchase the report here: