DTC’s Utilities & Nat Gas Services

DTC provides leading market data and analysis on Utilities and Natgas markets

DTC offers a Utilities & Natgas service to enable market participants to link the extensive analysis of coal markets to the closely related utility and natural gas sectors.

This service provides data, commentary and detailed analysis of the US utility and gas markets including supply and demand indicators, prices and outlooks. Whether you work in utilities, coal trading or production, rail transportation, power or commodity trading this service will provide the analysis you need to make informed business decisions.

How this service will benefit your business?

  • Identify regional weather patterns and their effect on power demand each week
  • Examine power, spark and dark spread pricing derived from a range of sources including exchange-based markets and real time ISO data
  • Delve into coal unit retirements data by utility and amount of coal burn
  • Explore a broad range of utilities coverage across coal, gas, nuclear generation by both regulated utilities and merchant generators

Sherry Orton - Senior Analyst - Utilities and Natural Gas

We built this product knowing that the market demands in-depth access to cutting edge data and analytics. We sift through the latest weather, natgas and utility data to identify the major trends and deliver it in a handy weekly publication.

DTC’s Utilities and Nat Gas Standard Subscription Package

DTC Utility and Natural Gas “Earnings” Flash
Coverage of U.S. utilities earnings
Free Sample
DTC Utility and Natural Gas “Intra-Weekly” Flash
Timely analysis of breaking news, events and market data.
Free Sample
DTC “Utility and Natural Gas Insights” Report
Sent out each Monday and covers natgas prices, weather forecasts, dark and spark spreads, etc.
Free Sample
DTC Utility and Natural Gas “Intra-Monthly” Flash
(Natural Gas Storage Reports, NOAA Seasonal Outlook, and EIA Generation)
Free Sample
Access to DTC Utility and Natural Gas Senior Executive and Senior Analyst
Via email, phone and meetings (gold subscribers only)


In addition to the comprehensive DTC Utilities and Nat Gas Service above, some of our subscribers wish to benefit from additional contact with our expert analysts. This is available through our 3 tiers of premium package as listed below:

DTC’s Utilities and Nat Gas Premium Subscription Packages

DTC’s Premium Utilities and Nat Gas Services
Standard Package Standard Package
Access to DTC Utility and Natural Gas Senior Executive and Senior Analyst

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